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2009-02-25 Site redesign

The contents pane on the left was getting a little long, so I've re-organised the site, adding funky fixed footer and contents panes.

2009-01-28 Four new character biographies added

Six weeks is too long to leave an update, so I have added four characters' biographies: Shadow the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Rouge the Bat, and Cream the Rabbit.

2008-12-04 A long overdue update!

It's been a few months since the last update, so I've arranged a bumper release!

The game music released today is from Sonic Blast and Sonic Chaos, with all Master System and Game Gear tracks.

2008-09-14 Tails' solo adventuring roots

Before Tails met Sonic on Emerald Island, Tails lived on the tropical paradise of Cocoa Island. It was here that Tails developed his impressive mechanical prowess, which he used to full effect to repel the Battle Kukku invasion.
Today, I have released the music for the game Tails' Adventure.

2008-08-15 Two tunes reworked

I have recently redone a couple of pieces I was not at all happy with. The Competition Results tune from Sonic 3, and the Continue music from Sonic 3D, have both been redone.

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